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Calculating building cost

RIB construction Management can give you the peace of mind to know that your designs are affordable. We can prevent your building project overspending, right from the start.

Our experienced Quantity Surveyors will use your architectural plans to create a detailed, line by line estimate of how much your renovation, extension or new home will cost to build. You can use this report to set appropriate budgets for large value items, such as new kitchens or replacement windows. The report will also help you review your design or specifications if you need to cut costs. Later, your report can also be used to check builders’ quotations and negotiate a fair price.

Investing in a professional budget estimate from Us will mean you can make clear, planned decisions, and that you will spend your money most effectively.

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Controlling Your budget

Keeping in control of your budget is a concern, then RIB can help you to keep control your finances, letting you focus more of your time on the enjoyable elements of your building project, as well as your work and family commitments.

Once you’re ready to start building, our cost advice team will use the tender documentation to set a budget for you.

We’ll then prepare a formal contract to ensure that a legally binding agreement is in place to protect you financially.

Once building starts on site, we can act as your Contract Administrator. Your project manager will check the work is correct and completed to the right quality, before recommending the invoices for your payment. We’ll check and challenge any variances, and make sure your best interests are being served. We’ll produce regular cost reports to help you keep on track of what’s been spent and the anticipated final cost of your project.

Whether it’s requesting a major alteration or switching your choice of door handles, the price is agreed, recorded and then signed off by you in advance. If it’s not on this list with your signature, it can never be charged to you. That’s a contractual guarantee.

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